Soulful House Journey - Frankie Feliciano

Look out now! King Street mainstay producer remixer, DJ & head of his own Ricanstruction imprint, Frankie Feliciano slams us right in the soulful gut with this upcoming comp. Adorned with brand new unreleased jams like the upcoming stunner "Better" by Tomo Inoue feat. Stephanie Cooke, Overtown feat. Shauna's "Satisfaction," "Watch Dem Swing" by DJ Oji presents Original Man, the Unreleased Feliciano Dark Vocal of "Hanging On" Ananda Project feat. Terrance Downs, and two Real Thing (aka Frankie Feliciano himself) tunes "Stalker Track" and "Moving On," your heart will be pumping the music to the beat coursing through your dancing body. Over all the comp leans more towards the pumpier & deeper side of soulful House, this entire comp is filled with one muthafunkin' finger snappin' toe tappin' cut after another!

KSS 1329
V/A - Soulful House Journey feat. Frankie Feliciano EP Sampler
Traxsource Promo Exclusive: November 8, 2010

KSD 156 V/A - Soulful House Journey feat. Frankie Feliciano (Full Length) Worldwide Commercial Release Date: November 22, 2010